Moved by the Motion

Moved by the Motion artists Wu Tsang, Tosh Basco, Josh Johnson and Asma Maroof have been working at the Schauspielhaus Zürich since 2019 and have brought the internationally acclaimed Moby Dick; Or The Whale as well as the audience hit Pinocchio to the Pfauen stage and staged Orpheus in the Schiffbau-Box, among others. With Shakespeare’s Der Sturm, they have brought a classic of the theatre canon to the stage for the first time and will be presenting Carmen as a cross-genre adaptation in the Schiffbau-Halle in May. Togehter with Kunsthaus director Ann Demeester Moved by the Motion as well as their long-time collaborator and writer Sophia Al-Maria and Schauspielhaus dramaturge Helena Eckert talk about their latest work at schwarzescafé, Löwenbräukunst.

The artist talk will be followed by the last performance of Der Sturm at the Pfauen at 4 pm.

  • 14. April 2024
  • English