An Open Letter to Zurich
28. May 2021
Open-air events at the Schauspielhaus in June

Now that we’re thankfully experiencing a drop in the number of Covid cases, we are delighted to be able to welcome 100 visitors to each performance at Pfauen and the Schiffbau from June onwards. Some of our June events will be taking place outdoors, on the square in front of the Schiffbau, in the Schiffbau Atrium and at Lake Zurich.

High on Hope: First youth club premiere

Thanks to the current easing of restrictions, young people are also allowed to perform in front of audiences again. Club 4 invites you to the premiere of High on Hope (safe space maybe guaranteed): a silent disco to be held on the Schiffbauplatz. Although dancing along won’t be permitted as the audience is required to remain seated, the performance will nonetheless create the opportunity for a collective dive into a parallel world of clubbing and utopia amid everyday street life.

Everything Has Seasons and Schauspielhaus Lake Zurich

With Everything Has Seasons, the Gartenfest in the Schiffbau and Schauspielhaus Lake Zurich, the month of June will also see plenty of performances being held outdoors. The flowering garden in the Schiffbau Atrium will be transformed into an open-air cinema for the first three weeks of June, before being turned into a venue replete with concerts, performances, workshops and readings in the last weekend of June. Open Schiffbau will be taking place in cooperation with the Riff Raff and Houdini cinemas, as well as Bad Bonn.

Ahoy & goodbye: the Corona passion play will be setting sail on the Corona passion boat from 9-13 June and performing a final concert on 24 June at Pfauen. Processions, street concerts, impromptu performances both on dry land and on water, and a concert in the Kirche Kilchberg on Sunday 13 June at 5pm. We’ll be keeping a more detailed programme updated on our website.

Not all performances will be held in the open air: safely ensconced under the roofs of Pfauen and the Schiffbau, or in your own home, several shows and presentations will be taking place from 1-27 June. We will be showing Spring Awakening, AFTERHOUR and My Year of Rest and Relaxation. On 5 June, Pfauen will be opening with Open Haus: the major festival for the Zurich University of the Arts. The programme will be continually updated on our website.

09. April 2021
Frühlings Erwachen
wins Youth Play Prize at the Heidelberg Stückemarkt

Der Jugendstückepreis des 38. Heidelberger Stückemarkts geht an Autor Lucien Haug für Frühlings Erwachen, inszeniert von Suna Gürler. Herzliche Gratulation! Das Festival findet vom 30. April bis 9. Mai 2021 und zum ersten Mal in seiner Geschichte in digitaler Form statt. Es gibt Einblick in das «breite Spektrum an Ästhetiken und Formen des zeitgenössischen deutschsprachigen Sprechtheaters». Am 6. Mai 2021 wird Frühlings Erwachen im Rahmen des Heidelberger Stückemarkts live aus dem Pfauen gestreamt. Für den Jugendstückepreis nominiert waren neben Lucien Haug auch die Autor*innen Julia Fischer und Matthias Köhler für Movie Star und Annette Müller für Harder, Faster, Stronger. Der Jugendstückepreis ist verbunden mit einer Einladung zu den Mühlheimer Theatertagen 2022.

31. March 2021
Das Weinen (Das Wähnen) invited to the 8th Schweizer Theatertreffen

Christoph Marthaler, Related Artist of the Schauspielhaus Zürich, has been invited to the Swiss Theatertreffen 2021, which will be held from 5 to 9 May, with his production Das Weinen (Das Wähnen). A total of nine Swiss productions were selected for this year’s edition. "It is of great importance to us to provide a platform to the multi-layered Swiss theatre scene, which could only be realised under difficult conditions in 2020", write the artistic co-directors of the Swiss Theatertreffen Thierry Loup and Julie Paucker about this year's selection of plays.

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