An Open Letter to Zurich
23. February 2021
“School of Resistance” Livestream with Milo Rau

In the last week of February 2021, the Akademie der Künste, Berlin presents the cinematic work of Milo Rau, related artist of the Schauspielhaus Zürich, as part of the livestream debate series School of Resistance. In cooperation with Milo Rau and the IIPM (International Institute of Political Murder) we are streaming the first four days of the event on our website. From 24 to 27 February 2021, we are broadcasting the discussions live from the Akademie der Künste after the film screenings. Amongst others, Orest in Mosul (2020) and The Congo Tribunal (2017), which have also been shown at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, will be screened.

In search of strategies of resistance, Milo Rau founded together with the IIPM and the NTGent the globally networked “School of Resistance” as a livestream debate series. How can art react to states of crisis? How can it make its contribution to strategies of resistance? Activists and artists discuss art as a transformative, reality-creating practice and question aesthetic practices of resistance, prerequisites of global art production, as well as the artistic strategies of the IIPM.

09. February 2021
Einfach das Ende der Welt and Medea* invited to the Theatertreffen 2021

Two productions by the Schauspielhaus Zürich have been invited to the 58th Berliner Theatertreffen: Einfach das Ende der Welt after Jean-Luc Lagarce, directed by Christopher Rüping (premiere: 3 December 2020, Schiffbau-Halle ) and Medea* after Euripides, directed by Leonie Böhm (premiere: 19 September 2020, Schiffbau-Box). This is the fourth time Rüping has been invited to the Theatertreffen, but the first time with a production by the Schauspielhaus Zürich. We are very delighted and offer our sincere congratulations to our two in-house directors!

Between 27 January 2020 and 5 February 2021, the Theatertreffen’s jury discussed a total of 285 productions from 60 cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 531 votes were received and a total of 26 productions were recommended and discussed . Of these, the jury nominated ten "remarkable productions of an extraordinary and challenging theatre year" to invite to the Theatertreffen.

In addition to a digital festival edition in May 2021, various festival scenarios are currently in the planning stage. Details on the organisation of the 58th Theatertreffen will be communicated in March. Every year at the Theatertreffen, the Berlin Theatre Prize of the Stiftung Preussische Seehandlung, the 3sat Prize and, at the end of the festival, the Alfred Kerr Performers' Prize are awarded.

Press Release, Theatertreffen 2021: The Selection of 10

02. February 2021
Letter from Benjamin von Blomberg

Dear Audience,

Once again, a new era has begun. Here in Switzerland the measures to contain the coronavirus have been tightened, too, and working from home has once again been strongly encouraged. So, unless it is absolutely necessary to go to your workplace, everyone should stay at home if possible. And even though it would be possible for us to continue rehearsing and producing, and to continue playing shows behind closed doors and streaming them live, we have decided not to do it. As painful as it is: for you but also for us.

In particular, the live streaming of selected performances every Thursday has created the closeness that we all crave right now: to be physically separated but at least connected in a shared time of experiencing. The expectations we had for these live-streamings were high: four cameras and live editing by the directors themselves; it was essential to emphasise the liveness, and, thus, also the flawed and the raw, the aura of: all this is happening right now, in this moment, with you. And for you. We are really happy that experimenting with this form has been worthwhile and so fulfilling for everyone involved.

But now, according to most of our fellow workers, it needs to be about reducing contacts and limiting mobility. And this is what we're doing: in February, we're pausing the live streaming, we're halting most of the production ---

--- But this does not mean that we will not remain “resolvedly open”. It means that we will continue to meet you live at least every Thursday. The way in which we will contact you will be decided and organised whilst we are working from home. Connected to all the other homes that are trying to network and stay together, we will continue to remain close to you, create and explore intimacy, emphasise and practise community.

This Thursday, our 8 in-house directors will kick things off. The author Tobi Müller will be in conversation with them and help them define their positions, their thoughts about time and their art. On Thursday, 11 February, the new series of talks “Tender Talks” continues; connecting people who wouldn't necessarily have sat down together at a (virtual) table, who, nonetheless, are happy to engage with each other, allowing themselves be unsettled. Gently framed by our dramaturgy that curates this series of talks.

We look forward to seeing you. Take care of yourself.


Your Benjamin von Blomberg, co-artistic director

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