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After the novel by Carlo Collodi
Staging: Moved by the Motion

In his novel “Adventures of Pinocchio”, Carlo Collodi follows Pinocchio’s journey from animated log to “real boy”, taking him through all sorts of trials that test his morals and judgment. A series of fantastic characters – sometimes more, sometimes less trustworthy – accompany him on this whimsical journey.

In this year’s family play, the group Moved by the Motion, around Wu Tsang, Tosh Basco, Josh Johnson and Asma Maroof, takes on this canonical material, dealing with the question of what it actually means to become a “real boy”: What trimmings/dressings does Pinocchio have to endure on his way from log to “real” human being, what gets lost on this lonely journey, how is he shaped by his connections to his wondrous environment?

Together with the author Sophia al Maria, Moved by the Motion explore the novel’s poetic and philosophical aspects, and condenses them into a fanciful world of movement, poetry, virtual reality and music in which children and their companions can become equally entangled.


Artistic Direction
Moved by the Motion (Wu Tsang, Tosh Basco, Asma Maroof, Josh Johnson, Patrick Belaga)
Movement Direction
Tosh Basco
Josh Johnson
Asma Maroof
Sophia Al-Maria
Stage Design
Nina Mader
Costume Design
Kyle Luu
Hair Design
Sara Matthiasson
Joshua Wicke
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Audience Development
Laura Rivas Kaufmann
Touring & International Relations
Björn Pätz
Artistic Mediation T&S
Zora Maag / Manuela Runge / Theaterjahr Schauspielhaus Zürich
Head of Production
Laura D'Incau
Frank Bittermann
Production Assistance
Mahlia Theismann
Stage design assistance
Eva Lillian Wagner
Costume design assistance
Paula Henrike Herrmann / Mona Eglsoer
Production intern
Luca Schäfer
Anouk Eugster
Dramaturgy Intern
Yèinou Avognon
Dayen Tuskan
János Stefan Buchwardt
Surtitle Riders
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  • approx. 70 Minutes
  • Premiere: 12. November 2022
  • Also interesting for ages 7 and up
  • Language: German. With english surtitles.
  • 🛈 "Pay whatever you want" on 18th December followed by an artist talk.

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