Open Call
Open Haus

A production to present but no venue? Lost the source of your income? Battling homesickness for the stage? Many artists were deprived of their opportunities to perform due to the situation caused by the coronavirus. In this special context, the Schauspielhaus Zürich opens the stage of the Pflauen to freelance artists from theatre, music, literature, dance, performance or comedy who have not been able to present their finished pieces due to covid but would like to perform them. All proceeds go to the artists. The application process was initiated with an open call, the selection for each evening is made by a different department of the Schauspielhaus. There are two performances per month.

Initially intended as performances for 50 people under the coronavirus regulations from the end of October, the Open Haus events are currently streamed live without an audience on site - directly into living rooms.

Performance dates:

Diener & Bachmann, 1. Dezember 2020

Johannes Dullin macht Stand Up, 10. Januar 2021

Im Bett, 29. Januar 2021

TriOlogie: Streichtrio Elodie Théry, Meredith Kuliew, Anna Mikolasek, 27. März 2021

Grosse Kleine Schwester, 17. April 2021

Information for the artists: The most important facts in brief

  • You have: a finished production that you could perform here without much technical effort.
  • We have: a performance slot at the Pfauen, an empty proscenium, sound, lighting, technology, streaming and staff support.
  • The production should be ready to be performed and should last for the whole evening.
  • The SHZ will provide technical support for the performance (sound, lighting, streaming). In addition, support from the technical departments of the SHZ (make-up, props, costume) is available if needed.
  • The front area of the Pfauen stage, approx. 8m wide and 4m deep, is available as a stage area.
  • Tickets for streaming will be sold at CHF 5/15/30,-/ticket (pay whatever you want). All proceeds from the performance will go to the artists. A minimum income of CHF 1,500 per event is guaranteed.
  • Contact: