Alexander Giesche

The central point of focus in Alexander Giesche’s work is on the one hand to bring people into contact with each other in a gentle and playful manner, and on the other to create images that can be viewed as poems. From 2012 to 2014, he was the artist in residence at the Theater Bremen, before he moved to the Münchner Kammerspiele for two years with his Future Shock project, under Matthias Lilienthal’s artistic direction. At the heart of both his own interests and his work is a preoccupation with the digital world and modern technologies, and how human beings can relate to them. When Giesche works in a theatre space, his concern is not so much to tell a story in the traditional sense; rather, he often tends more to create landscapes and atmospheres, or poetical situations, which move the audience into a different rhythm, and to construct an imagery that makes the most ordinary things appear other, strange, beautiful. Aside from performance formats in the strictest sense, Giesche investigates the concept of hos­pitality, and invents situations in which the limit between actors and spectators is dissolved, and the simple fact of being together in the same space at a particular moment itself becomes an artistic event.