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Performers Rule_
«und als der prinz mit dem kutscher tanzte, waren sie so schön, dass der ganze hof in ohnmacht fiel – ein utopischer film»

Nach Ronald M. Schernikau
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

A group of students from the Department of Theatre at the ZHdK want to realise their ideas and the Kammer of the Schauspielhaus Zürich is the place for it: Performers Rule!

“this film recounts four young people trying to organise their love; one as beautifully as the other can. when we are too far, we are too many. or: we are always also two. it works because it works with the others.”

Robert Bohne
Set Design
Lea Burkhalter
Costume Design
Fredi Thiele
Muscial Direction
Lara Bäucker
Fredi Thiele / Lea Burkhalter
Fredi Thiele
Artistic Contribution
Linda Hügel
  • Premiere: 28. April 2023

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