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The Return of
La Argentina

By and with: Trajal Harrell

Antonia Mercé aka La Argentina was possibly the most famous Spanish dancer of the 20th century. 40 years after her death, the founders of the Japanese Butoh (“dance of darkness”) Kazuo Ohno and Tatsumi Hijikata honoured her in the 70s with the piece Admiring La Argentina. Trajal Harrell’s solo is a homage: to La Argentina, to Ohno and Hijikata, and to the networks of history that lie beneath the present time.

At the season opening, choreographer Trajal Harrell will perform at Pfauen: From September 12-18, he will show his solo performance The Return of La Argentina, the lecture-performance The Conspiracy of Performance with Perle Palombe and the world premiere of The Köln Concert for six dancers*. It is a matter of learning anew, of making theatre. dance. In front of an audience. With distance and caution. But no less devotion.


  • 13. & 17. September 2020, Pfauen
  • 🛈 Commissioned by: The Museum of Modern Art-MoMA, New York