Sebastian Rudolph

Sebastian Rudolph, was born in 1968 in Berlin. After dropping out of acting school, he has worked with his theatre group in the independent scene and subsequently at all the major theatres in the German-speaking world. He has been an ensemble member at Schiller Theater Berlin, Schauspielhaus Zürich under Christoph Marthaler, and Thalia Theater Hamburg. He has significantly influenced the works of Luc Bondy, Falk Richter, Stefan Pucher, Luk Perceval, Jette Steckel, Johan Simons, and Nicolas Stemann, among others. The latter’s Faust will also be part of the repertoire at Schauspielhaus Zurich, and earned Sebastian Rudolph the Actor of the Year award by Theater heute in 2012. Moreover, he was Christoph Schlingensief's Hamlet. He has additionally appeared in numerous radio plays, narrates audio books, and gives readings. He also works in television and film, with roles in Manta - Der Film, Stalingrad, Die Spiegel Affäre, Der Hauptmann, and Dark. Sebastian Rudolph has three children, loves sailing, and returned to the Schauspielhaus Zurich in the summer of 2019.