Thomas Kürstner

Thomas Kürstner was born in Weimar in 1972 . Sebastian Vogel was born in Magdeburg in 1971. They became acquainted at the beginning of their careers and the two musicians, composers, and performers continue to maintain a close working relationship and friendship to this day. They studied musicology, composition, and German philology and literature in Halle, Dresden, Vienna, and Berlin. They have been professionally involved with theatres in Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, Hamburg, Zurich, and Vienna. From 2001 to 2003 they were the musical directors at Theater am Turm in Frankfurt before taking up residence at Burgtheater in Vienna as house musicians and composers. Since then, they have worked closely with Nicolas Stemann, and, during their time in Vienna, the three of them developed the format Gefahr-Bar, which will also come to Zurich: The duration of the performance often exceeds the rehearsal time, and rehearsals are often only held on the day of the performance itself. Vogel & Kürstner have also regularly collaborated with Armin Petras since 2009. In addition to theatre, the spectrum of their work extends to film and dance music as well as readings, audio books, musical scoring of novels, chamber music, and vocal music. More than one production that Vogel & Kürstner participated in was invited to Theatertreffen.