Patrycia Ziólkowska

Patrycia Ziółkowska, born near Warsaw in 1979, received her training at the Westfälische Schauspielschule Bochum. Engagements in Bochum, Hanover, Bonn, Cologne, at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, the Volksbühne and the Schaubühne in Berlin and at the Salzburg Festival followed. 2009-2016 ensemble member at Thalia Theater Hamburg, 2017-2020 at Schauspiel Frankfurt. Important artistic companions include Luk Perceval, Dimiter Gotscheff and Nicolas Stemann. For her Kriemhild in Hebbel's "Nibelungen", 2008 at Schauspiel Köln, directed by Karin Beier, Ziolkowska is honoured as NRW's Best Leading Actress and nominated for the Faust Theatre Prize. For her outstanding performance in Nicolas Stemann's "FaustI+II", she was awarded the Rolf Mares Prize in 2012. A co-production with Schauspiel Frankfurt will bring her back to Salzburg in 2018. She plays the King's Mother "Atossa" in Ulrich Rasche's award-winning "Nestroy" production of "Persians". Fatih Akin also discovers her for his cinema. As early as 2001 she made "Solino", and in 2007 the multi-award-winning film "On the Other Side" premiered as a competition entry at the Festival de Cannes.