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Das Internet

A sunlight installation
Staging: Alexander Giesche

It connects and informs us, entices and seduces us, entertains us, eavesdrops on us, makes us transparent and free. Some people use it to harm others, to maximise their profits and to transform the intelligence of the hive mind into the stupidity of the masses. Others create within it free spaces for debate, visions for the body and develop digital survival tactics in violent environments. But what does this ocean of electrodes and bytes, this uncontrollable network of almost endless possibilities actually look like – what does the Internet look like?

The Internet invites you to take an unusual sunbath. Come on in! Take a look! And let yourself be enfolded in the near-endless possibilities offered by the light that shoots through the fibre optic cables on the ocean floor. Experience the entirety of the Internet on 108 m3 – 16.7 million colours, created just for you. Get in and create your very own, non-transferable, your personal, your incomparable Internet! An Internet that only you can experience and understand, an Internet that follows nothing but your own, personal desires. 16.7 million times. 16.7 million possibilities.

Alexander Giesche
Set Design
Matthias Kestel
Georg Conrad
Katinka Deecke
Sound installation with voices from
Henni Jörissen, Frances Chiaverini, Michael Neuenschwander
Production management & bar
Björn Neukom, Gabriela Bischofberger, Maximilian Ruegger, Sandra Schudel

Transferring from Münchner Kammerspiele.
Created in the context of Future Shock supported by the fund Doppelpass der Kulturstiftung des Bundes (Deutschland).

  • Sunrise to sunset
  • 24 August 2019
  • Age 0–99
  • 🛈 12 am: «Die Kompostmoderne»: After an idea of Johannes Dullin
  • Free Entry

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Samstag, 12:30 auf dem Schiffbauplatz

Nora Zukker besucht das Internet - Part IV

Freitag, 11.15 Uhr auf dem Europaplatz, Europaallee

Nora Zukker besucht Das Internet - Part III

Sonntag, 12.00 Uhr am Stauffacher

Nora Zukker besucht Das Internet - Part II

Samstag, 7.00 Uhr im Hardaupark

Nora Zukker besucht Das Internet - Part I

Das Internet