1x Sinn

© Laura Kaufmann

Artistic directors: Téné Ouelgo, Gabriela Raaflaub


Arrive. Ku? Arrive. Коли? Arrive. Come? Arrive - but where? When? And above all: How? We feel as if we have more than one home — and no place in the world. We hope to grow up together — and sometimes we want to stay children forever. We try to find meaning in our conflicting feelings — something, anything. Does that make sense?

With Alina Shlomenko / Hëna Sadriu / Hussein Naderi / Irma Tschanz / Röttele Mira / Nadim Ben Said / Oliver Reimann / Rain Manz / Sofiia Malets / Tosca Zimmermann
Artistic Direction
Téné Ouelgo / Gabi Raaflaub
Artistic Collaboration
Emilia Wehrli
Set & Costume Design
Naemi Jael Marty

Sponsored by Max Kohler Stiftung, Elisabeth Weber Stiftung, Stiftung Accentus & Komplizen Klub des Schauspielhaues

  • Premiere: 10 May 2024, Pfauen-Kammer
  • Pfauen
  • A production by the youth clubs
Saturday 29.06. 21:30 Pfauen
  • Spiilplätz
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