© Ronja Burkard

Gossip as a queerfeminist practice?

What's the hottest Gossip? What do we think about the new crush from our Friends? What makes a group of Friends a safer space? What can jeopardize this safe space? How to heal after a heartbreak? Can there be breakups in a Chosen Family? Are these all just coming-of-age questions or do these discussions perhaps have political potential after all? All this and more will be discussed on stage at YOU CAN BE MY CRUSH.

With Anaïs Rufer / Pul Müller / Elif Karci / Rosa-Lin Meessen / Mira Guggenbühl / Anouk Laila Ammann / Ellen Walther / Luca Süss / glitchBaby / Noemi Steinmetz / Lucien Bricola
Graphic design
Jael Collenberg

Created as part of the JKF Premiere project in 2023

  • 7. April 2024