The Ozard of Wiz

© Kamerich Budwilowitz
Maas theater en dans, Rotterdam

Staging: René Geerlings

You watch the movie whenever you can. You breathe, eat and live the story. You are simultaneously a frightened girl, a scarecrow, a lion, a tin man, a good witch, a bad witch and a wizard. You can act out The Wizard of Oz by yourself, dances included. But then the door of your bedroom opens, and you have to deal with the real world and all the prejudices, rules and pigeonholes that come with it. You wish yourself away, and magically you get swept up in a storm and land in a world beyond the rainbow.

In The Ozard of Wiz, seven people return to their childhood, to a time without shame. They all hope to eventually get what they have been searching for all their lives: brains, courage, a heart and a home. The play serves vogue, pop music and melancholy – with a 70s sauce.

With Ayrton Fraenk / Reinier van Harten / Marie-Lea Morales / Danijel Petrovic / Laurien Riha / Romy Rockx / Jordy Jansen
Staging, Concept
René Geerlings
Guilliano Pinas
Stage design
Calle de Hoog
Costume design
Reinier van Harten
Remko van Wely
Merel Heering
Andrea Spoor / Dennis Stolzenberg
Bobby van Liempd

A coproduction by Maas Theater and Dance & ROSE Stories

The Ozard of Wiz is a guest performance for young audiences, brought to Zurich in cooperation with the Blickfelder Festival

The young programme is supported by Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Max Kohler Stiftung, Stiftung Landis & Gyr, Stiftung Accentus

  • 60 min
  • Zurich-Premiere: 6. December 2023, Schiffbau-Box
  • Also interesting for ages 10 and up
  • German

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