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Performers Rule: Innehalten

Ein Abend nach einer Idee von Rita von Horváth

The unheard call of this pandemic
or: can pausing save lives?

What can we learn from tardigrades ?
Is there poetry in mite faeces ?
Why everyone should have seen the film "Moths in slow motion".
Why do people attend a seminar where they slow down extremely for days ?

An evening with texts by Beckett, Brecht, Kafka, Ringelnatz and others, and interesting facts from the life of tardigrades.



If a member of the theatre wants to realise his or her own ideas without going through the theatre management, the chamber will be the place to do so in future. Performers Rule! Five times a year, images and texts, music and visions of the ensemble can become reality there.

With Gottfried Breitfuss, Reto Locher
Rita von Horváth
  • Premiere: 4 December 2021, Pfauen-Kammer