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Liebe Grüsse... oder Wohin das Leben fällt

By Theo Fransz

What mark will I leave in my life? How should people talk about me when I’m no longer here? What rules are there in life? Together with his ensemble, author and director Theo Fransz explores these questions from the perspective of life’s various phases. Acting and musical improvisations, biographical material from all involved in the production, as well as research conducted in their families by our “first classes” schoolchildren on the one hand, and material provided by our audiences on the other, has resulted in a new play.

“I don’t write about topics such as poverty, war or suicide. I operate through dialogue: when I write, each sentence usually triggers the next. I never know how it will end, and I never write with a concept. It’s like solving riddles.” Theo Fransz

With Daniel Kuschewski, Lina Hoppe, Grégoire Gros
Theo Fransz
Set Designer
Bettina Weller
Octavia Crummenerl Gloggengiesser, Matthias Müller
Lighting Designer
Rasmus Stahel
Petra Fischer
Amelie Hafner
Literary Internship
Anna Köllner
Theatre Education
Katrin Sauter

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