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Measure for Measure

Comedy by William Shakespeare

In Vienna, public morals are under threat and prostitution is rife: under Duke Vincentio’s rule, all do as they please. To avoid having to take drastic measures, Vincentio appoints Angelo as his deputy under the pretence that he is leaving the city. Angelo, a hardliner, takes a rigid stance on the law, condemning Claudio to death because his fiancée is expecting an illegitimate child from him. When Claudio’s devout sister Isabella begs Angelo to spare him, he makes her an indecent proposal: a night of love with him in exchange for Claudio’s life. What should she do? Disguised as a monk, the Duke intervenes in the conflict.

Shakespeare’s deliberately confusing play about justice, the law, despotism, power, love and sex revolves around the following question: What does a state need to maintain the necessary balance between the social order and the right to free self-determination – both for women and men?

With Hans Kremer, Daniel Sträßer, Lena Schwarz, Lisa-Katrina Mayer, Robert Rožić, Benito Bause, Klaus Brömmelmeier, Milian Zerzawy
Jan Bosse
Set Designer
Moritz Müller
Costume Designer
Kathrin Plath
Arno Kraehahn
Lighting Designer
Markus Keusch
Gabriella Bußacker
Assistant Director
Maximilian Enderle
Assistant Stage Designer
Marie Hartung
Assistant Costume Designer
Liv Senn
Katja Weppler
Stage Manager
Aleksandar Sascha Dinevski
Internship Direction
Felicia Fuchser
Internship Stage Design
Anna Ramseier
Literary Internship
Selma Matter

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