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Thermal Resistance

By Ferdinand Schmalz

In the thermal spa all hell breaks loose. Peace and quiet are a thing of the past, although the spa guests are in urgent need of relaxation. However, the spa’s manager Roswitha has different plans – and a soft drink giant on the hook. She wants to capitalize on the spring water and transform the spa into a temple of luxury. The preparations are in full swing as a representative of the soft drink company is already on her way. Yet there is resistance from one single person – Hannes, the pool attendant. He has a vision of a different society and calls for a spa for everyone. Following the slogan “The baths to those who go bathing belly-up”, he puts up resistance.

The new piece written under commission of the Schauspielhaus Zürich by Austrian playwright Ferdinand Schmalz gives us his take on the feel-good bubble we’ve made ourselves comfortable in, and tells the story of what happens when the bubble bursts – in a language full of wit and lightness and philosophical foresight.


With Jirka Zett, Lena Schwarz, Dagna Litzenberger Vinet, Siggi Schwientek, Klaus Brömmelmeier, Fritz Fenne
Barbara Falter
Set Designer
Dominik Freynschlag
Costume Designer
Noelle Brühwiler
Sandro Corbat
Lighting Designer
Daniel Leuenberger
Gwendolyne Melchinger
Assistant Director
Valeria Popp
Internship Stage Design and Costume
Anna Caderas
Rita von Horváth

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