Thibault Lac

Thibault Lac (F) studied architecture before completing the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (PARTS) program in Brussels (2006–2010). Alongside his studies, he has performed in The show must go on by Jérôme Bel and assisted Tino Sehgal for his 2010 exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. He has danced in works by Ligia Lewis, Noé Soulier, Mathilde Monnier, Daniel Jeanneteau, Alexandra Bachzetsis, and Daniel Linehan among others. Recurring presence in various formats of Trajal Harrell’s project 20 Looks or Paris is Burning, he also appears in his subsequent works for MoMA (Used, Abused and Hung out to dry;In the mood for Frankie) and for Festival d’Avignon (Caen Amour). Besides personal choreographic work in the form of collaborative practices (Such Sweet Thunder with Tobias Koch and Tore Wallert, Knight-Night with Bryana Fritz), he works since September 2019 as a regular guest performer at Schauspielhaus Zürich.