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The Show’s Over

© Diana Pfammatter

Videoinstallation by Wu Tsang, Tosh Basco & Moved by the Motion

Wu Tsang's award-winning films combine documentary and narrative techniques with fantastic excursions into the imaginary, exploring hidden stories, marginalized narratives and the act of performance itself. At the beginning of March, she and her collaborators of Moved by the Motion shot a film with the ensemble that, inspired by the poem "come on, get it" by Fred Moten and the "Report from Occupied Territory" of James Baldwin, exploring underground streams of resistance and the politics of (in)visibility.The film was made in the stage setting of Composition III, a show in Schiffbau that will never take place and whose pre-echo can now be experienced in Pfauen.

Film by
Wu Tsang
Tosh Basco, Moved by the Motion
Director of Photography, Cinematography
Antonio Cisneros
Original Score
Asma Maroof
Patrick Belaga, Kelsey Lu, Ahya Simone, Klein, Austin Williamson
Tapiwa Svosve, Nicola Habegger, Sandra Weiss
Joshua Wicke
Laura D'Incau, Joyce Keokham
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1st Assistant Camera
Natalie Wallrapp
2nd Assistant Camera
Christina Welter
3rd Assistant Camera
Isabelle Simmen
Andreas Pfiffner
Greg Amgwerd
Sebastian Suter, Taffy Oyewusi, Till Schlatter
Sound Recording
Kurt Human
Stage Assistant
Natascha Leonie Simons, Elisabetta De Cave, Luca Büchler
Kyle Luu
Wardrobe Assistant
Liv Senn
Costume Assistant
Eloïse Ise, Sara Ramsay, Tiziana Ramsauer, Andrea Röschli
Sara Mathiasson
Hair, Make-Up, SFX
Judith Janser, Simone Mayer, Lena Steiner, Tabea Schapira, Dana Hesse, Marion Loosli
Edited by
Wu Tsang, Anthony Valdez
Production Assistant
Maja Renn, Michèle Nussbaum
Deborah Macauley
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Co-Commissioned by Schauspielhaus Zürich & Lafayette Foundation

Supported by UBS Kulturstiftung and Luma Foundation

Täglich von 10.00 Uhr bis 19.00 Uhr. Filmdauer: 30 Minuten.

Die Kasse ist von 9.30 Uhr bis 19.00 Uhr durchgängig geöffnet. Der Besuch ist kostenlos. Der Ticketpreis von CHF 20.-/10.- wird gespendet an die Allianz gegen Racial Profiling und an Bla*Sh.

Maximal 10 Personen auf einmal.