After Drei Schwestern by Anton Tschechow
Staging: Leonie Böhm

Everything revolves around the promise of happiness in this piece by Chekhov. Three sisters and a brother live in the Russian province and fill their lives with dreams of moving to Moscow – which will never happen. With audacity and tragicomical, people are described in situations in which action is
not possible. Leonie Böhm asks in her production: how can power of action be reached? And seeks for personal and social utopias. What could be built together out of real freedom?

Leonie Böhm
Set Design
Sören Gerhardt
Zahava Rodrigo
Johannes Rieder
Bendix Fesefeldt
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Audience Development
Elsa Horstkötter
theatre pedagogy
Manuela Runge
Production Assistant
Sultan Coban
Stage Assistant
Eva Willenegger
Costume Assistant
Miriam Schliehe
Stage Manager
Michael Durrer
János Stefan Buchwardt
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  • Premiere: 28 January 2021, Pfauen