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Hans Schleif

©Ralf Bergel

By: Matthias Neukirch und Julian Klein

Hans Schleif was an architect, archaeologist, a father and high-ranking member of the SS. His grandson Matthias Neukirch, member of the Schauspielhaus ensemble since 2015, went in search of his biography. What he discovered is surprising, confusing and raises new questions. He takes us with him on this quest through the depths of history in order to arrive in this present day.

«He creates an intimate evening, while bizarrely linking ancient myths, the Holocaust and wonder weapons to one another. Rarely has history been so tangible.» writes Tom Mustroph from the Berliner Tagesspiegel.


With Matthias Neukirch, Julian Klein
Staging,technical set-up, performance management/evening direction
Julian Klein
  • Recommended age: 16 and above

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