Long Live Theatre

Are you loyal, critical and/or loving? Have you been an audience member for a long time, or have you become one in the last 5 years? And are you equally interested in the past and the future of Schauspielhaus Zürich? If you can answer just one of these three questions with 'yes', then we cordially invite you to get to know our final publication: 

On June 14, 2024, the book Theater Is Dead. Long Live Theater. Schauspielhaus Zürich 2019 - 2024 published by 'Theater der Zeit'. Packaged as an alphabetical glossary, this final publication evokes the hopes and promises associated with the directorship of Benjamin von Blomberg and Nicolas Stemann at Schauspielhaus Zürich, represents the diverse signatures of the artists involved and calls for public debates on the reorientation of the Schauspielhaus.

Even before the publication date, the editorial team of the final publication will give you an exclusive look into the book and report on conceptual and design issues that were important for the creation of the publication. You can also talk to these experts on the museum's recent past about its future: What remains of the last five years? Which lines of conflict, which settings, which texts are also relevant for the future? Who wanted to bury the theater? And why is it still alive?


Admission free, please register by e-mail (moritz.frischkorn [​at​] schauspielhaus.ch).

You can preorder the publication here!

  • 4 June 2024