Press Play

© Kurt Van der Elst

Of Avatars and Algorithms
KOPERGIETERY, KGbe & playField (BE)

Take the controller in your hand and decide what happens on stage. "Press Play" is an interactive show where everyone in the audience collaborates to determine how the world on stage changes, how the story unfolds, and how it will end for the characters. The world appears to be increasingly 'moldable.' This gives us a false sense of control and, above all, burdens us with an enormous sense of responsibility: Is it up to you to determine who you are? Or is that just an illusion? Are you manipulating things, or are you actually being manipulated? What if you're not the only one with a remote control? And is there even a pause button?

"Press Play" explores the land behind the avatars: the hidden algorithms that secretly guide us in a certain direction. Is it time to resist? Join in and let the game begin! For children, teenagers, and adults alike, for control freaks, nerds, and anyone who enjoys playing."

Tickets for this production are sold via Blickfelder Festival


Following the performance, debriefing sessions will be conducted for one class each from the canton and the city, focusing on the theme of self-determination (Duration: 60 minutes, including a break).


  • 60 Minutes
  • 7 June 2024, Schiffbau-Box
  • Schiffbau
  • Also interesting for ages 10 and up
  • German with Swiss-German Sign Language
  • 🛈 Wheelchair accessible
    Tickets for BLICKFELDER Festival via their website!
Friday 07.06. 10:00 Schiffbau
  • Blickfelder Festival
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Friday 07.06. 14:00 Schiffbau
  • Blickfelder Festival
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Saturday 08.06. 18:00 Schiffbau
  • Blickfelder Festival
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Sunday 09.06. 19:00 Schiffbau
  • Blickfelder Festival
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