Can war be narrated?

A conversation exploring artistic perspectives on wars

The interdisciplinary panel with Stella Gaitano, Jelena Jureša and Stas Zhyrkov aims to delve into strategies and practices employed by artists when narrating war, examining both the potential and challenges they encounter in this process.How are narratives about war determined, and what is the creative process behind their construction? What methods are employed in narrating extreme and unspeakable experiences of violence, and where do the limits of expressibility lie? As narratives depicting such experiences unfold, what shapes their trajectory, and how do they become authorised?

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Forschungsprojekt: Ästhetisierung von Kriegsgewalt
Artists at Risk

Diana Rojas-Feile
Priska Gisler / Darija Davidovic / Diana Rojas-Feile / Institut Praktiken und Theorien der Künste, HKB
  • The event will be held in English.