Call for donations:
Artists at Risk

In Zürich at the beautiful lake, disorder, violence and suffering are far away. The war in Ukraine reminds us that order is fragile and peace is not normal. Schauspielhaus would like to give its audience the opportunity to donate to artists who are not lucky enough to be able to practice their profession in an orderly and safe city like Zurich, but have to live and work in war and conflict: Starting April 1, when you buy a theater ticket at Schauspielhaus, you can donate to the non-profit organization Artists at Risk.

Who are Artists at Risk?
Artists at Risk ( is a network at the intersection of human rights and art that supports threatened artists in times of need. Since 2013, Artists at Risk has worked to facilitate the safe departure of persecuted artists from their countries of origin, procuring travel documents, providing legal assistance, arranging residencies, and curating related projects.

How to donate?
With no additional effort, you can make a donation of 5, 20, 50, 500 or even 1000 CHF to Artists at Risk when you purchase tickets at Schauspielhaus. For further or higher donations you can use the following bank

account:Perpetuum Mobile
IBAN: FI3557230220772060
Subject: Schauspielhaus Zurich

If you would like to help Artists at Risk additionally, you can, for example, purchase a work created especially to support Ukraine by world-renowned artists such as Thomas Demand, Julian Schnabel, Hito Steyerl, Nan Goldin or Matthew Barney here:

April 2022