Amore United

© Junges Theater Basel

By Lucien Haug
Staging: Lucien Haug

Mira drags Gwen and Yves into a classroom. Gwen has – everyone has seen it – jabbed a fork into Yves’s hand. With a running start. On purpose. But why? No one knows for certain. We only know for sure that Yves is bleeding and Gwen doesn’t want to apologise. What does she have to say in her defense? And why is Yves apologising? What happened, and is it anyone’s business but theirs?

Against the backdrop of increasing irreconcilabilities and the supposed polarisation of society, we tell the story of a small quarrel between best friends. Gwen and Yves were always sure that their friendship would be less complicated than any romantic relationship. But perhaps conflict is inevitable when people meet. The question is simply a matter of how unbearable conflicts become when they are not properly addressed.

Staging & Script
Lucien Haug
Costume design
Lucien Bricola
Uwe Heinrich

A production of junges theater basel

  • Zurich-Premiere: 31 October 2023, Pfauen-Kammer
  • Also interesting for ages 14 and up

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