Der Junge aus der letzten Reihe

By Juan Mayorga
Staging: Christiane Jatahy
Translation: Stefanie Gerhold

A student writes essays about infiltrating the home of a wealthy family, where he first challenges the role of the son, then the husband. A teacher so fascinated by what he reads, he becomes his student’s mentor, then his accomplice and, finally, his victim. In his story about the boy at the back of the class, Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga creates a dense psychological study of the limits of pedagogy and class affiliation. The student’s essays give rise to situations in the family home, and the teacher’s corrections lead to dialogues between the characters. In a rapid succession of scenes, Mayorga mixes life and literature.

Director Christiane Jatahy is known for these kinds of balancing acts between reality and fiction. Now in her second Zurich work with the ensemble, after adapting Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Pfauen, she focuses entirely on the acting: In an ellipse around the round stage in the Schiffbau-Box, audience members can imagine themselves sitting in the back of the classroom, allowing them to easily observe the actors – awhile finding themselves right in the home of an unfamiliar family.

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Juan Mayorga
Stefanie Gerhold
Christiane Jatahy
Artistic assistance, Stage design and Lighting
Thomas Walgrave
Costume design
Paula Henrike Herrmann
Pedro Cunha Vituri
Master electrician
Frank Bittermann
Bendix Fesefeldt
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Production manager
Henrique Mariano
Audience Development
Mathis Neuhaus
Touring & International Relations
Sonja Hildebrandt
Artistic Mediation T&S
Manuela Runge
Production Assistance
Mary Udosen
Stage design assistance
Lenki Behm
Costume design Assistance
Ruth Wulffen
Aleksandar Sascha Dinevski
Rita von Horváth
Surtitles Set-up
Agnieszka Fietz (Panthea)
Surtitles Translation
Sinikka Weber
Surtitles Operators
Victoria Engler / Kevin Mutter / Isabelle Koch
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Duration: 1h 40 Minuten
Premiere: 8 September 2023, Schiffbau-Box

Supported by the Society of Friends of the Schauspielhaus Zürich (gfs)
In collaboration with Neumarkt 17

  • Duration: 1h 50 min.
  • Swiss premiere: 8. September 2023
  • Schiffbau-Box
  • English Surtitles
  • 🛈 ♥ Affairs / Related Artist
    Introduction 30 min before the play on 13.9., 20.9., 22.9., 25.9., 4.10. and 6.10.
Introduction: Bendix Fesefledt (Dramaturg)
Saturday 30.09. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Tuesday 03.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Wednesday 04.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Friday 06.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Thursday 12.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Saturday 14.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Sunday 15.10. 16:00 Schiffbau-Box
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Wednesday 18.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Thursday 19.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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