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Imagine a silence

© Laura Kaufmann

“I feel free when I sail, but I can’t sail at all.” One’s own life, a comet on a random orbit of history. A collision, sparks fly and lo, chaos ensues. Cocky false announcements are followed by eruptions, supposed beginnings by terminations. “To tell a secret is an act of love, but how to do that, love?” Welcome to the self-painted hidden object of Club 3, in search of what holds us together when we drift away from the spaceship.

15 performers explore the human being as a collective being and deal with the concept of community. Who am I in this structure and what can I contribute to make others feel welcome? How can we reinvent ourselves while remaining a collective that is sensitive and honest with one another? The evening is an ode to the space between me and you, an ode to the transformation that happens when we come together.

With Juliette Böckli / Rania Lia  El Mekhtoum / Ava Frick / Delilah Gadgil / Anna Glünz / Alon Hagen / Elias Kim Müller / Sophie Herfort / Kim Hübner / Timo Hummel / Charlotte Vernier / Mona Jaya Müller / Paulin Späni / Alexandra Steiger / Remo Toggweiler
Artistic Direction
Julia Skof / Hagia Jany
Giorgio Dridi
Set & Costume Design
Eva Lillian Wagner
  • 20. May 2021

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