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BIPoC Lecture Series: Protest and Art

enterspaces invites you to the second series of lectures in this season. This time we are talking about "Protest and Art"

Is art allowed to be political? Isn't art always political in some way? When does art stand for protest? When can certain acts of protest be read as art? How does activist work inscribe itself in art? How do different artists feel about this and what is their approach to protest? And how is it inscribed in their work? 

We have invited three artists, living and working in Switzerland and Germany who will give us an insight into their work and share their perspectives on protest and art.

The evening will start with short speeches (10-15min each) on "Protest and Theatre" by Kamran Behrouz, Izabel Barros and Yasi Moradi. Afterwards we will have a joint discussion about what we have heard.  

This evening will be held in English. (No German surtitles)
Free admission.
Duration: approx. 2h


*BIPoC: refers to Black, Indigenous and People of Color and is a self-designation of people who experience racism.

  • 10. March 2023
  • This evening will be mainly held in English. No surtitles