Performers Rule: B612

Staging: Laura Weibel

When members of the Schauspielhaus wish to realise their own ideas without having to ask for permission from theatre management first, the Kammer is the place: Performers Rule! This time it’s Laura Weibel, production assistant, who focuses on the subject of evanescence.

Artistic Team
Ricarda Hillermann / Naïma Alissa Trabelsi / Leila Vidal-Sephiha / Laura Weibel
  • Pfauen-Kammer
Saturday 24.09. 19:30 Pfauen-Kammer
  • Premiere
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Monday 26.09. 19:30 Pfauen-Kammer
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  • Theatre Monday
Thursday 29.09. 19:30 Pfauen-Kammer
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Friday 30.09. 19:30 Pfauen-Kammer
  • Last performance for now
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