After the novel Der Fall Meursault by Kamel Daoud
Staging: Nicolas Stemann

The Stranger by Albert Camus, the other The Meursault Case, a retelling of the novella’s story by Kamel Daoud. This mirror-image situation is the starting point for a light-footed theatrical production that enacts the complicated entanglements in the legacies between the colonized and their colonizers, between the Global North and the Global South, between the deeply offended and the (unintentionally?) injured. With the French actors Mounir Margoum and Thierry Raynaud, whose own biographies are just as linked to the colonial past as those of Kamel Daoud and Albert Camus, Nicolas Stemann has created an evening at the Théâtre de Vidy in Lausanne in which arguments change sides in a matter of seconds and theater becomes a surprisingly useful means of understanding connections in the past and present.


With Mounir Margoum / Thierry Raynaud
Staging and Stage Design
Nicolas Stemann
Costume Design
Marysol del Castillo
Claudia Lehmann
Paloma Colombe / Nicolas Stemann
Katinka Deecke

A coproduction with Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne

  • Zürich-Premiere: January 2023, Schiffbau-Box
  • In French with German surtitles
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