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Composition (vor) IV

© Diana Pfammatter

By and with: Moved by the Motion (Wu Tsang & Tosh Basco mit Josh Johnson, Asma Maroof and guests)

In the latest iteration of their Composition series, Moved by the Motion presents an improvised interplay between cinema, sound, and movement.

This third Composition by Wu Tsang, boychild, Asma Maroof and Josh Johnson at the Schauspielhaus Zurich should have been called Composition III but after the pandemic has prevented these plans from coming to fruition, the group is now working on Composition (vor) IV: Not quite three anymore and not yet four. Embracing some of the limitations and possibilities implied by the new order of "social distancing" Moved by the Motion explores what it means to be all "in relation" to each other in spite of the distance. Albert Einstein’s notable observation of quantum mechanics as being "spooky actions at a distance" is operative in this new cinematic staging of the groups ongoing poetic improvisation.

Wu Tsang
Set Design
Wu Tsang
Tosh Basco
Asma Maroof, Tapiwa Svosve
Markus Keusch
Joshua Wicke
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Audience Development
Mathis Neuhaus
Natascha Zander
Set Design Assistant
Natascha Leonie Simons
Costume Assistant
Liv Senn
Deborah Macauley
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Supported by Luma Foundation and UBS Kulturstiftung

  • 12. June 2020
Bits on Pieces
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Dass es dich gibt

Der Erfahrungsbericht von Ariane Koch zur Premiere von Composition (vor) IV