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Wohin oder Geradeaus

© Emma Lou Herrmann

Staging: Melanie Guntern, Alina Immoos, Enno Rennenkampff

It’s simply there. This labyrinth. Isn’t it? Are we building it ourselves? I’ve never thought about which way I didn’t turn. Would it have made a difference? How much does it take to make a change? A long look in the mirror? Pushing down the door latch? Walking backwards? What does it change? It changes everything. It changes nothing.

By and with
Eve Glanzmann / Felina Graf / Mathis Salomé Gröber / Ada Hass / Benedikt Lerjen / Hëna Sadriu / Selin Sarikaya / Eowyn Wark
Melanie Guntern / Alina Immoos / Enno Rennenkampff
Mona Eglsoer
Stage Design
Natascha Leonie Simons
  • Premiere: 26. Mai 2022, Pfauen-Kammer

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