Wilhelm Tell

© Flavio Karrer

Adapted from Friedrich Schiller
Staging: Milo Rau

The world’s streets are crowded with them: protestors, feminists, Trumpists, scientists, anti-vaxxers, critics of capitalism – people waving guns, banners or masks who are united by a single but not common goal: defending their freedoms. Never before have so many people publicly demanded their right to self-determination at the same time. And never before have they taken up such a range of positions. Which “freedom” are we actually talking about here?
Time to consult a so-called “freedom fighter”. In preparation for the production, Swiss director Milo Rau follows in the footsteps of William Tell as he invites on a road trip through the country, bringing together actors, laypeople, gentle humanists and free radicals under one banner. “We have to break free!” is the simultaneously utopian and provocative call of this ragtag group. Break free from what? In exchange for what?


«The performance is extremely dense, sometimes banal, often grandiose. Above all, however, the true stories of real people, which ultimately include the actors, depict exactly what the exile ensemble was aiming for in 1939: comprehensive humanity.» (Süddeutsche Zeitung, 23.04.2022)

«The most impressive performance of the evening. When former forced labourer Irma Frei tells her story of fate, it becomes so quiet in the theatre hall that you would hear a pin drop to the floor.» (Blick, 24.04.2022)

«Milo Rau has reached right into Helvetic realities - from that of the hunter to that of the hunted - and whirled them seemingly at random into the myth. The result was a flaky but genuine theatre for the city.» (Tages-Anzeiger, 4.23.2022)

«Milo Rau's highlight turns out to be that Tell can be played by anyone.» (NZZ, 24.04.2022)

«Masterly» (RTS, 27.04.2022)


With Maya Alban-Zapata / Maja Beckmann / Michael Neuenschwander / Karin Pfammatter / Sebastian Rudolph / Emma Lou Herrmann (Live Video) / Aleksandar Sascha Dinevski, Cyrill Albisser / Sarah Brunner / Irma Frei / Vanessa Gasser / Oskar Huber / Cem Kirmizitoprak / Meret Landolt / Louisa Maulaz / Hermon Habtemariam
Cristiano Giudici / Stefan Vogel
Milo Rau
Stage and Costume
Anton Lukas
Sound design
Elia Rediger
Moritz von Dungern
Christoph Kunz
Bendix Fesefeldt
Audience Development
Silvan Gisler
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Theatre Pedagogy
Manuela Runge / Rosa-Lin Meessen
Executive Producers
Monika Huber / Negi Urban / Laura Weibel
Associated Producers
Rosa Stehle
Consent Coach
Kasia Szustow
Artistic Collaboration
Rolf Bossart
Laypersons Care
Jasmin Gloor / Anna Schöb
Stage design assistance
Karl Dietrich
Costume design assistance
Naïma Alissa Trabelsi / Valeria Ballek
Production Intern
Rosa-Lin Meessen
Dramaturgy Intern
Ricarda Hillermann
Stage design intern
Vona Bürki / Marlene Metzler
Costume design intern
Carla Schwarb
Aleksandar Sascha Dinevski
Surtitle Translation
Corinne Hundleby
Surtitle Riders
János Stefan Buchwardt
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With the support of Stiftung Corymbo
Dätwyler Stiftung, Kanton Uri & Kanton St. Gallen
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  • 1h 45min
  • Premiere: 23 April 2022, Pfauen
  • Pfauen
  • 🛈 Tickets for the performance on 30 April (pay what you want) can be booked via theaterkasse@schauspielhaus.ch or 044 258 77 77.

    Introduction 30 min before the play on 26.04 and 30.04, 16.5. and 28.5.
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