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School of Resistance
Milo Rau & IIPM

Livestreams from 24 to 27 February 2021

In the last week of February 2021, the Akademie der Künste, Berlin presents the cinematic work of Milo Rau, related artist of the Schauspielhaus Zürich, as part of the livestream debate series School of Resistance. In cooperation with Milo Rau and the IIPM (International Institute of Political Murder) we are streaming the first four days of the event on our website. From 24 to 28 February 2021, we are broadcasting the discussions live from the Akademie der Künste after the film screenings. Amongst others, Orest in Mosul (2020) and The Congo Tribunal (2017), which have also been shown at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, will be screened.

For five days, there will be a live broadcast from the Akademie der Künste, taking a critical look back at past projects and composing an archive of artistic strategies of resistance in more than 13 debate formats with companions such as Susana AbdulMajid, Mohammad Al Attar, Inke Arns, Luca Casarini, Matthias Lilienthal, Florian Malzacher, Lorenzo Marsili, Surer Mohamed, Maia Morgenstern, Wajdi Mouawad, Rabih Mroué, Michail Ryklin, Miriam Saage-Maaß, Sylvia Sasse, Yvan Sagnet, Georg Seeßlen, Lara Staal, Kathrin Röggla, Juliane Rebentisch, Klaus Theweleit, Celine Tshizena, Andrei Ujică, Andres Veiel, Eyal Weizman, Harald Welzer and Dorothee Wenner (subject to modifications).​





WEDNESDAY, 24 February 2021

5 pm | Film & Discussion
General Assembly

7 pm | Film & Discussion
The Last Days of the Ceausescus



THURSDAY, 25 February 2021

5 pm | Discussion
(Im)possible Art 

7 pm | Film & Discussion
The Moscow Trials



FRIDAY, 26 February 2021

4 pm | Discussion
Aesthetics of Resistance - Part I

5 pm | Discussion
Transnational (In)justice

7 pm | Film & Discussion
The Congo Tribunal



SATURDAY, 27 February 2021

Sat, 27 Feb, 4 pm | Discussion
Aesthetics of Resistance - Part II

Sat, 27 Feb, 5 pm | Discussion
Can there be global art?

Sat, 27 Feb, 7 pm | Film & Discussion
Orestes in Mosul


By and with
Milo Rau / IIPM (International Institute of Political Murder)