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Vol. 3

© Gina Folly

Winter edition

14 weeks lockdown, 14 songs = 1 passion play: After celebrating the summer premiere in June, Nicolas Stemann performs his musical pandemic diary together with an ensemble band again in autumn in the Schiffbau-Halle. Now a third (this time digital) editon is joining.

The Corona-Passionsspiele show a modern history of human suffering at the time of Corona, analogous to the stations of the Way of the Cross by Jesus: Isolation, loneliness, separation of generations, vulnerability, conspiracies, anger and uncertainty. Stemann has composed three new songs for edition Vol. 3.

A tender, angry, critical, rocking and ironic dialogue with the virus that is still turning our lives upside down. An evening of theater "work in progress


Review: Corona-Passionsspiele Vol. 2 (Autumn 2020)

Review: Corona-Passionsspiele Vol. 1 (Spring 2020)

With Jojo Büld / Christian Szyska / Sebastian Harder / Renzo Spotti, New Kyd, Tabita Johannes, Michael Neuenschwander, Matthias Neukirch, Sebastian Rudolph, Luisa Stemann, Olivia Vermeulen, Leila Vidal-Sephiha, Lukas Vögler, Lena Schwarz
Staging & Composition
Nicolas Stemann
Head of Design & Costumes
Marysol del Castillo
Eva Willenegger
Music rehearsals & set up
Jojo Büld
Video & Camera
Emma Lou Herrmann
Head of Video
Andi A. Müller
Carsten Schmidt
Fadrina Arpagaus
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Sinikka Weber
Alain Angehrn
Production assistance
Sultan Çoban
Costume Assistance
Ulf Brauner / Miriam Schliehe
Production Manager
Monika Huber
Dayen Tuskan
Alicia Aumüller, Karin Pfammatter
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  • Premiere: 21 January 2021

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