Kurze Interviews mit fiesen Männern –
22 Arten der Einsamkeit

After David Foster Wallace
Staging: Yana Ross

What do our sexual fantasies tell us about class, aesthetics, desire and power? What are men and what are they not? And what are women? In her production, Yana Ross explores the question of the space toxic masculinity occupies in sexuality and attempts to dissect it. Based on the short story collection Brief Interviews with Hideos Men by US author David Foster Wallace, she examines the uncensored desire of men - and, possibly, their loneliness.


Yana Ross
Karolien De Schepper / Christophe Engels
Set Design & Costumes
Zane Pihlstrom
Knut Jensen
Video and Live-Camera
Algirdas Gradauskas
Intimacy Coach
Kasia Szustow
Laura Paetau
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Christoph Kunz
Audience Development
Elsa Horstkötter
Production assistance
Samuel Petit
Stage Assistant
Ann-Kathrin Bernstetter
Costume Assistant
Mona Eglsoer
Stage Manager
Michael Durrer
János Stefan Buchwardt
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  • Premiere: 11 September 2021, Schiffbau-Halle
  • Schiffbau-Halle
Saturday 11.09. Schiffbau-Halle
  • Premiere
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