Christophe Engels

ruimtevaarders is the collaboration between two scenographers, Karolien de Schepper and Christophe Engels. Karolien de Schepper studied architecture, Christophe Engels is trained as a 3D / multi-media design artist. Since 2008 they have been working with several theatre directors in Belgium and abroad, such as Milo Rau at NTGent, Julie Van Den Berghe at the Münchner Kammerspiele and at Frascati /Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Inne Goris at LOD muziektheater, Simon De Vos at KVS, Piet Arfeuille at Theater Malpertuis, SKaGen at Toneelhuis and hetpaleis, Judith de Rijke at Stadsschouwburg Middelburg and Zonzo Compagnie at Kunstencentrum Vooruit. In addition, they design installations and exhibitions for several cultural organizations such as Het Domein Bokrijk in Bokrijk, deSingel in Antwerp and festivals such as Festival Theaterformen in Hannover, STORMOPKOMST in Turnhout, Antwerpen open in Antwerp, Het Klarafestival, Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Passa Porta Festival in Brussels. Previous collaborations with Anne-Cécile Vandalem and Das Fräulein Kompanie are »AFTER THE WALLS (utopia)« (Théâtre de Namur, 2013), »Still too sad to tell you« (2016), »Tristesses« (Theatre de Liège, 2016) and »ARCTIQUE« (Théâtre National de Belgique, 2018). »ARCTIQUE« and »Tristesses« were also invited to the Festival d’Avignon.