After: Euripides
Staging: Leonie Böhm

“I’ll go to the extreme” says Medea – and behind there searches for a world in which she is also assigned meaning. How can justice be established when everything is out of balance? Together with the actor Maja Beckmann and the musician Johannes Rieder, Leonie Böhm explores the myth and leads it beyond tragedy. Medea* is a tale of resistance and radicalism. But also about the desire to recover, to transform – and to rise above oneself.

With Maja Beckmann, Johannes Rieder
Leonie Böhm
Stage Design
Zahava Rodrigo
Magdalena Schön, Helen Stein
Johannes Rieder
Helena Eckert
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Audience Development
Sophie Grossmann
Theatre Pedagogy
Suna Gürler
Production Assistant
Natascha Zander
Set Design Assistant
Ann-Kathrin Bernstetter
Stage Management
Dagmar Zingg
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  • 19. September 2020, Schiffbau-Box
  • Schiffbau-Box
  • 🛈 Introduction 30 min before the play on 21.09., 25.09., 30.09., 2.10., 3.10., 7.10., 8.10., and 31.10.

    Please note that, instead of the displays on stage, we offer exclusively for this production ten smart glasses to project the English surtitles during every performance.
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For the duration of the pandemic, we will also publish the introductions as podcasts on the respective play pages.
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Introduction: Bendix Fesefeldt, Dramaturgy
Sunday 27.09. 16:00 Schiffbau-Box
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Wednesday 30.09. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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  • Carte Blanche
Friday 02.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Saturday 03.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Wednesday 07.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Thursday 08.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Saturday 31.10. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Wednesday 04.11. 20:15 Schiffbau-Box
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Maja Beckmann, Leonie Böhm und Johannes Rieder über Medea

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