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Apropos ... „überecho“

In practically all situations in life, strategies play a role. We consider which tactics to adopt in order to achieve our plans. We invent excuses to cover up our mistakes. We think things up to surprise or ambush others – be it when we flirt, when we apply for a job, within the family or with competitors and friends. Two classes of secondary schoolchildren have written texts on these topics in the Young Literature Laboratory, supported by the author and performer Jurczok 1001. These texts inspired a theatrical interpretation featuring theatre and dance developed with 15 young people by break-dancer and choreographer Buz.


With Yara Acklin, Nadim Ben Said, Jill Gadient, Nadège Kanku, Jill Maltsis, Larissa Meier, Gioia Nessi, Carlotta Späni, Franca Stengl, Mina Wehrli, Ida Winter
Künstlerische Leitung und Choreographie
Jurczok 1001
Set Designer
Künstlerkollektiv Angela Osterwalder & Sergio Araya
Costume Designer
Anet Lüthi
Janiv Oron
Lighting Designer
David Baumgartner
Petra Fischer
Oeil extérieur
Enrico Beeler
Assistenz Choreographie, Bühne, Kostüm
Viviane Tita
Ronja Rinderknecht

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