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Mary Shelley invented the story of Dr Frankenstein and his nameless creature on Lake Geneva 200 years ago – and established the science fiction genre in the process. Inspired by a flash of lightning, Shelley explored a period of scientific upheaval whose conflicts continue to rage to the present day: unquestioning belief in progress, the alienation between mankind and nature, and the conquest of death. Science fiction author Dietmar Dath and director Stefan Pucher have already caused a sensation with their updated production of Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People.” Their visually stunning interpretation of the Frankenstein story sees the subject in the context of today’s development of artificial life and consciousness.

With Edmund Telgenkämper, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Fritz Fenne, Inga Busch, Lena Schwarz, Julia Kreusch
Stefan Pucher
Set Designer
Barbara Ehnes
Costume Designer
Annabelle Witt
Chris Kondek
Christopher Uhe
Andreas Karlaganis
Lighting Designer
Frank Bittermann
Mitarbeit Video
Ruth Stofer
Assistant Director
Maximilian Enderle
Assistant Stage Designer
Anna Caderas / Marie Hartung
Assistant Costume Designer
Annina Gull
Stage Manager
Michael Durrer
János Stefan Buchwardt
Game Design
Victor Morales
Theatre Education
Katrin Sauter

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