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The Devil’s Three Gold Hairs

It’s impossible to steal the Devil’s three gold hairs? Not for Felix, who was born with a caul. It’s predicted that one day he will be king. The current king is a wicked and cruel ruler. He makes a bet that he would outdo the devil in terms of wickedness. In an adaptation by Meret Matter and Stefanie Grob, and accompanied by live music performed by the band  Schtärneföifi, the fairy tale turns into an adventure story about whether the two children will be able to change the world by using their talent, self-confidence and courage. Following the success of “The Odyssee recounted for children”, it is Schtärneföifi’s second collaboration with director Meret Matter at the Pfauen.

With Julian Anatol Schneider, Elisa Plüss, Ludwig Boettger, Christian Baumbach, Julia Kreusch, Sibylle Aeberli (Schtärneföifi), Thomas Haldimann (Schtärneföifi), Adrian Fiechter (Schtärneföifi), Boni Koller (Schtärneföifi), Gina Gurtner, Luc Müller, Max Aeberli, Ilona Kannewurf, Maxie Matter, Amine Yacoubi
Meret Matter
Set Designer
Sara Giancane
Costume Designer
Eva Karobath
Bea Nichele Wiggli
Lighting Designer
Christoph Kunz
Karolin Trachte
Assistant Director
Sonja Streifinger
Assistant Stage Designer
Marie Hartung
Assistant Costume Designer
Selina Tholl
Stage Manager
Ralf Fuhrmann
János Stefan Buchwardt
Theatre Education
Manuela Runge, Carola Berendts
Stefanie Grob
Boni Koller
Sibylle Aeberli (Schtärneföifi)

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