Suna Gürler

Suna Gürler began her theatrical career as a 13­year-old actress in junges theater basel, completed a year of practical training at the Schauspielhaus Zürich, and since then has successfully avoided easy categorisation: in her work she is at once a director, actor, dancer, sound designer, writer and theatre researcher. As an artist who is as interested in the art of education as in aesthetic creation, she alternates between artistic theatrical work and pedagogical theatre projects. As a director, she develops repertoire plays under “normal” professional conditions together with adult, professional actors and with selected young performers. She also develops plays with the youth club under the following general conditions: an intensive hobby for young thespians. Suna Gürler remains connected to the junges theater basel to this day; she has been directing productions there regularly since 2011. Since 2013, she has been part of Shermin Langhoff’s team at the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin as director, actor and theatre educator. Aside from her theatrical work, she has created various formats for young people, such as Zeig! (Show Us!), an open stage in Basel, or Die Voyeure (The Voyeurs), a range of clubs for young theatre audiences that have now become established all over Switzerland, and will also be a permanent fixture of the Schauspielhaus Zürich educational programme. From 2019 till 2024, she has been part of the board of directors at Schauspielhaus Zürich and, in addition to her work as in-house director, responsible for the youth clubs.


* 1986 in Basel

IMPORTANT WORKS AS A DIRECTOR: Tschick (Schweizer Erstaufführung), Flex, Don’t feed the Troll, Stören, Papa liebt dich, You are not the hero of this story


IMPORTANT WORKS AS AN ACTOR: Es sagt mir nichts, das sogenannte Draussen

AWARDS: Jugendstückepreis Frühlings Erwachen, 38. Heidelberger Stückemarkt

IMPORTANT INVITATIONS: Radikal Jung, Theatertreffen der Jugend (zwei Mal)

2019/20 IN ZÜRICH: Flex, Greta

2020/21 IN ZÜRICH: Frühlings Erwachen

2021/22 IN ZÜRICH: Bullestress

2022/23 IN ZÜRICH: My Heart Is Full Of Na-Na-Na, Ich chan es Zündhölzli ahzünde

2023/24 IN ZÜRICH: jetzt, jetzt, jetzt