Sachiko Hara

Sachiko Hara, born in Kanagawa, Japan, studied German at the Sophia University in Tokyo and was an actor in Japan's avant-garde theatre scene starting in 1984. After meeting Christoph Schlingensief and moving to Berlin in 1999, she played the role of Polly in The Threepenny Opera at Schauspiel Hannover, where she met Nicolas Stemann, whom she joins in Zurich. From 2004 to 2009, Sachiko Hara was an ensemble member at Burgtheater in Vienna and acted in other Christoph Schlingensief productions, including Mea Culpa (2008). In addition to Nicolas Stemann and Christoph Schlingensief, Sachiko Hara has also repeatedly worked with René Pollesch and Lars-Ole Warburg. In 2009, she went to Schauspiel Hannover, in 2012, to Schauspiel Köln and in 2013, to Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg. There she worked with such figures as Christoph Marthaler, Karin Beier, and Maja Kleczewska. In addition to acting, she also works as a translator. Through her projects Hiroshima-Salon in Hannover and Osaka-Salon in Hamburg, she has developed a format for telling stories abroad about her native Japan.