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Elsa Horstkötter

Elsa Horstkötter studied literature, sociology, art history and media sciences at the University of Tübingen. During her studies, she reported for various cultural media and was part of the staff unit University Communication. After completing her Master's degree, she moved to Leipzig in 2011 as art editor and moved to Berlin in 2012. There she worked as a freelancer and employee as a copywriter, strategist and marketing manager in communication agencies, art galleries and museums. In 2016 she moved to Switzerland and initially headed the text and concept department of a Bernese communications agency. 2019-2020 she was first responsible for communication and marketing at the Kunstmuseum Thun / Thun-Panorama, where she restructured internal and external processes and developed new target groups. As a freelancer she created campaigns for clients from the cultural and real estate sectors. In her free time she works conceptually and communicatively for Tabula Musica, the barrier-free centre for music in Bern, and is a board member of Xenia, a cantonal department for sex work. Since November 2020 Elsa Horstkötter is an Audience Developer at the Schauspielhaus Zurich.