Christiane Jatahy

Christiane Jatahy is an author and director. With her work, she moves on the border between different artistic fields: she makes films, conceives installations and develops plays for the stage. And also in terms of content, her works move between documentary and fiction, between reality and myth. In 2013, she developed the audiovisual and documentary installation Utopia.doc, in which she explores questions about home, exile and flight. In 2011 she staged the play Julia and in 2014 the play And what if they went to Moscow as part of a trilogy about memory. Based on Strindberg's Miss Julie and Chekhov's Three Sisters, she mixes cinema and theatre experience; both works were shown in Zurich at the Theaterspektakel under the direction of Sandro Lunin. In 2017, she is a guest at the Theater der Welt Festival in Hamburg with the installation Moving People, and a year later she is working on the trilogy Our Odyssey, which premiered at the Odéon Theatre in Paris and has since toured Europe, Asia and the USA. In 2021 she opens the Festival d'Avignon with Entre chien et loup, based on Lars von Trier's Dogville. In the same year, Christiane Jatahy will be a guest at the Schauspielhaus. Here she will work with the Zurich ensemble Before the Sky Falls, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth in which the Scottish show tragedy is linked to the political struggle of the indigenous Amazonian Yanomami people in Jatahy's native Brazil. Entre chien et loup and Before the Sky falls are part of a trilogy of horror that will continue with the work After the silence in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo: © Leo Aversa