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Hiroshima Monster Girl + Hiroshima Salon

The actress Sachiko Hara has been inviting audiences at irregular intervals to salons that thematically revolve around her home country Japan. After her 30-minute solo-performance Hiroshima Monster Girl, she will discuss the new nuclear arms race together with invited guests. This time, she welcomes two Swiss-Japanese Women who live in Zurich: Aya Domenig, director of the film The Day the Sun Fell, and Kazu Huggler, fashiondesigner, owner of the KAZU stores, and initiator of the non-profit label Three Cranes Association in Japan.

Hiroshima Monster Girl
By & with
Sachiko Hara
Yannik Böhmer
Lucie Ortmann
Kazuhisa Uchihashi
  • 8 February 2020

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