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©Ketty Bertossi

By: Franz Xaver Kroetz
Staging: Yana Ross

It’s the evening. A woman is alone in her flat. But we are watching her make so much as the smallest hand movement. Dinner, watching TV, cleaning the flat, fortune-telling: the rituals of a seemingly inconsequential daily routine.
In Yana Ross’ widely-travelled production of Request Concert, the prize-winning Polish actress Danuta Stenka, who became internationally-renowned with her role in the Oscar-nominated war film Katyn, stays silent for 80 minutes. An open stage, visible to the audience from all sides, intensifies her presence. She lives there, so close that the audience can read the magazines she opens over her shoulder. Her world is laid out according to a geometric plan and completely hermetic – but anyone who wanted to touch her would have to do no more than reach out their hand. Together with the audience, she creates a space of quiet, vibrating concentration, which is filled with simple actions that gradually take on comical and absurd dimensions.

Yana Ross
Set Design
Simona Biekšaitė
Aśka Grochulska, Tomasz Wyszomirski
Mats Öhlin
Project Curator
Marcin Zawada
Aśka Grochulska
Drama Teacher
Suna Gürler
  • 1 hour 20 minutes, no breaks
  • Zürich-Premiere: 11. September 2019
  • Recommended age: 16 and above
  • 🛈 Standing tickets
    Introduction 30 min before the play on 7.10., 9.10., 10.10. and 11.10.

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Statt zu fliegen,
hüpfe ich wie eine Henne

Die Schauspielerin Danuta Stenka trifft auf die Produktionsassistentin Maja Renn.

Mit dem Wunschkonzert durch die Nacht

Der Erfahrungsbericht von Maurice Koepfli über die Premiere von Wunschkonzert.