Trajal Harrell x Terre Thaemlitz​

In their individual practices, Terre Thaemlitz and Trajal Harrell sometimes reflect on similar things, but come to very different conclusions. While Thaemlitz, as a musician, label owner, cultural critic, lecturer and author, is not committed to a specific genre, Harrell has dedicated himself entirely to dance. Nevertheless, there are lines of connection between these two exceptional artists, who are among the most important voices of their generation in their respective fields. These lines of connection will be explored in a conversation on the Pfauen stage before Thaemlitz responds to Trajal Harrell's (and of course Keith Jarrett's) Köln Concert with his Zurich Concert on the grand piano. The conversation could be about questions of "realness", about New York in the 80s, about the complexity of reproducing an artistic gesture, perhaps also about desire and traveling: through history and the world.


4 June 2024, supporting program *Happy End Closing Festival*
20:00 Kick-off with One Minute Each. The house directors say goodbye.
20:09 The Köln Concert. For the very last time. 
21:00 Trajal Harrell x Terre Thaemlitz. Talk on the Pfauenbühne stage.
22:00 The Zürich Concert. Piano improvisation on the Pfauen stage.

A ticket for The Köln Concert is also valid for One Minute Each, the Talkand The Zürich Concert. If you can only attend The Zürich Concert: Tickets are only available at the box office from 21:00.


  • 4 June 2024